Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients Are Saying

"Thank you to Whole Health Acupuncture for creating an emotionally and physically safe place to explore the path to conception"


"My ten year old daughter had terrible headaches for over 8 months. Sometimes 20 or more small sharp ones a day. She was taking Advil for the really bad ones up to 6 times a week. We saw vision specialists and neurologists with no options except more medication. We saw Graham just a few times before the headaches were nearly gone. Now she only has one a week if that. She is so happy she can be more active and not worry about missing out on fun because of a headache!"

W.Y. - Yarmouth

"Things have improved greatly the past couple of days. Pain is gone, no more dribble, flow is steady, urgency reduced. When I told this to my nurse, she wanted to know what I was taking. I was amazed, but it shows that conventional medicine is interested in the Chinese system. You are impressing the doctors, Graham, with your fine work."

D.W. - Harpswell

"Probably like many people, I came to Whole Health Acupuncture with a 'physical' issue for which I've found great relief. But more importantly, Graham has challenged me to reconsider a number of assumptions I've held, and that has motivated me to make changes in my lifestyle. I feel healthier and happier and grateful."

D.M. - North Yarmouth

"I have had chronic back, neck and shoulder pain for many years, and have tried many different treatments. I came to acupuncture as a last resort. Instead I am a total convert. Having been a patient of Graham's for less than two months, I am totally pain free and back to feeling like I did in 15 years ago."


"Graham, I had a really great day today and I wanted to share that with you! It feels very nice not to have a headache - it's like that day when it finally stop raining - it's twice as beautiful as a regular sunny day! Also, the anxiety is coming down and the pain is doing much better. I don't know if one can get sick of hearing it, but I have to say, thank you for what you do and how you help me, I really can't express to you how much I appreciate you and your acupuncture skills."


"When I left the office last week I felt ten years younger! Thanks!"

E.B. - Yarmouth

"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your help in the fertility process. We welcomed our daughter into our lives in November. She was healthy and strong. She is now one month old and is thriving. I attribute our getting pregnant to acupuncture and sincerely thank you for your expertise."

P.D. - Freeport

"Wanted to give you some more great feedback regarding the difference that acupuncture has made for me. The reason for the call from the Drs. office was to let me know that my bone density test results were significantly improved over 3 years ago. The only thing that is different is the acupuncture. Thank you!!!"


"I am so grateful for the care and healing you’ve given me over the year. I am hoping the recovery will allow energy to flow unhindered and that next year’s focus can be more external. I appreciate the thoughtful discussions and new awareness working with you creates. Thank you for your thoughtful care and support."

P.J. - Freeport

"Thank you for the superb care over the past two years. You've really cured me in ways that solved root problems - when doctors did not know how to proceed. My family and I are grateful for the gift of health you have helped me achieve."

D.S. - Portland

"Whole Health Acupuncture and Graham Haynes helped me walk more pain free and prepare for hip surgery. His treatment calmed my nerves and his kind and generous spirit was a delight to be around."

M.T. - Harpswell

"Have gotten some AMAZING results since coming here. Less pain in my neck, back and knuckles. It’s really AMAZING! It is the only way I can explain it because I don’t understand how it works (LOL)) Thanks so much."

D.S. - Topsham

"Very grateful to Graham for helping diminish stabbing pleuritic pain residual from pulmonary emboli. Before coming to Whole Health Acupuncture, I could not cough, sneeze, laugh or take a deep breath without excruciating pain. Many thanks, Whole Health!"

E.C. - Yarmouth

"I just wanted to jot you a note about how thrilled I am with my acupuncture treatments! Not only is my shoulder 95%, but my sweats have completely changed! My office is tired of me talking about how much I'm enjoying no fan at work and I can exercise in the mornings without spending the next 4+ hours sweating and being miserable."


"I don't know how you do it but I am all better! I had a great day yesterday and got the cookies made in time to leave for Manchester at 3. You are just the best!"


"Graham! THANK YOU. i feel human again. I can not fight the acupuncture - that stuff is good. I have a new banner that you could use for the site ''s better than clonazepam.'"

D.M. - Portland

"The acupuncture has worked wonders. Can't thank you enough!"

D.R. - Falmouth

"I can't even begin to express my gratitude for the profound difference you have made in my life. It is amazing how different and wonderful the world is when you can actually breathe! I am thankful everyday that I was able to find Whole Health Acupuncture and embark on this journey to wellness with you!"

K.B. - Livermore

"I am a cancer patient. When chemo treatments left me tired and weak, I asked my doctor what I could do to improve the quality of my life. He said acupuncture worked for some people. I found Whole Health Acupuncture and I immediately felt better. Perhaps the first bit of energy was because I had taken action, but as I have continued, I feel it is definitely important to my well being as a cancer patient."


"The good news is I am dramatically improved; I'd say my leg discomfort has decreased 80%! I am grateful; thank you."

M.T. - Harspwell

"I had SO much energy yesterday afternoon and night, and even into today. Thanks for the fabulous treatment! : )"

C.B. - Portland